Intro e Bio

Kavok Studio - We are a team of guys who run a communication studio, by chance one day the question arose “how would we have lived this particular year without the world of social media and information?” From here we worked on a basic concept of our company coming to a simple conclusion. Nowadays the world of information, through its channels, disinforms us in a subtle and controlled way. We work in the sector by
creating content for everyone … But how many are really sure of the truthfulness of what we communicate?

I am

37 years old, and today I can’t help thinking about the movies that represented modern days in the 90s, in some ways we are
still very far from how those directors imagined us: surely we have not occupied other planets to build metropolises made of super skyscrapers attached to each other and using flying vehicles to move us, or at least
not yet. In fact, beyond the Scenographic part on many things they were not mistaken: technology has advanced to the point of metaphorically replacing some vital organs or even our personality.
We’ve been lobotomized indirectly through skilled communication systems within everyone’s reach and every day.

In the last year,

where everything has been questioned, we have realized how much
even normality, which too often we take for granted and yet so
irreplaceable, has been subject to a great crisis, making us realize how fragile we could be and easily manipulated.
The world of the internet,TV, media, news all of a sudden replaced knowledge, degrees, masters, but even worse curiosity, imagination, culture and hunger for knowledge. A sort of intellectual laziness that has been injected into us in small doses every day until today and leaving us at the mercy of a reality where we are bombarded with news claimed as absolute truth and where we find alleged “experts” at every corner, ready to sell the solution to every problem.
We feed on baseless news, gaining weight from a sense of emptiness exponentially, never giving our brain the opportunity to oxygenate itself with clean air and never actually feeding it but only weighing it down. This has led
to consequences such as panic attacks,autoimmune diseases, depression, anxiety,bipolarity, distress. All psychic disorders given by the system that does not leave the
time to stop and really reflect for a moment on the reality that surrounds us.

I am

37 years old and I have always heard that our ancestors had a difficult life because they were not supported by today’s
technology; I do not question it, but it is precisely the benefit of the doubt, the possibility of striving for and reasoning to arrive at a solution without consuming pre-packaged solutions that allowed him to live in a better way. The epochs of our life are built by human beings, we are the ones who have the moral reins of our future: the re-education of our sensitivity, alongside general progress, can and must become the perfect combination to continue our journey: not towards a future better, but through.